About Me

A Little About Me

Why did you start your business?

Initially, my WHY was to prove myself to others. That I could do what I feared they thought I couldn’t. 

I was fascinated by trademark law in law school and was lucky enough to work for a prestigious trademark law firm in Seoul, Korea. I then got married, moved back to the U.S., and relocated to a city where my husband had a job. I was excited for this new chapter of my life and felt as though the opportunity was just around the corner. However, I quickly faced disappointment. There weren’t any trademark attorney jobs in the new city, and my hopes of a new beginning were dashed. Not only was I jobless, but I was also terrified of losing my career. 

My friends and family were surprised that I was looking for a job. They thought I’d retire from work because I had found my “prince charming”. 

I was shocked that nobody except my husband and myself expected any career achievement from me whatsoever. But in my mind, I’d worked so hard to come this far, I couldn’t imagine not going all the way. All the late nights in the library, dozens of resumes sent out for an internship, numerous job interviews…I had no intention of giving up my career. 

After a few months of searching to no avail, I took it as an opportunity to hang out my shingle, and prove to others I could be successful. 

In the beginning, my goal was just numbers. I set a revenue goal and worked for it. I thought I’d be happy once I achieved the number. 

And while I reached that revenue goal in less than a year, the adrenaline rush did not even last a day. Burn out hit me hard. I felt so empty. I realized if I wanted to continue working, impressing others could not be my goal. I needed to find my “why”…the kind of why that would energize me for years to come.

For the first time in my life, I stopped running. I stopped trying to impress everyone. I stopped listening to everyone else’s voice and started listening to my own. Finally, after all my inner-searching, I discovered I work to EMPOWER– not only to empower myself, but to empower every single client who walks through my door. 

My business gave me the freedom to design a life of my choosing– to choose what I want to do: Freedom to be with the people I love, freedom to say yes to what aligns with my values and vision, and freedom to say no to what doesn’t.

Once I found my WHY, I fell in love with my business again. The result? My business has catapulted. I’m grateful that hundreds of people every year trust us to protect their brand. I love watching my clients’ brands grow and celebrating their milestones with another trademark registration. It truly is why I get out of bed every morning.

And I want to work to help YOU get your flavor of freedom. 

Without a trademark, any company can disappear in a glimpse. (Ask me how I know!).

If you are in business to change your life and influence others, if you are building something valuable that you’d like to keep for the long term, we’d love to help you build and protect it. 

Filing paper works is just the tip of what we do. We listen and give you holistic advice to protect your legacy. We fight for you to keep your brand name even when the chances are slim. I firmly believe that good-hearted entrepreneurs change the world for the better. Let’s make sure to register your name so no one can stop you. Book a call to see if we are a good fit. 

To your success,


Admitted to Practice: Iowa, District of Columbia

Education: University of Arizona Law School, J.D.

Ewha Womans University, LL.B.