Protecting Your Brand and Your Future

Unless you have a trademark registration, anyone can steal the name from you. Let’s secure your name so no one can take it away from you. It will help you seize the opportunity (and give you peace of mind) to confidently sell your products on and other online marketplaces.

*No hidden cost, no surprise bills

Please take a minute to peruse the flat fee legal services we provide our clients to protect and secure their brands. We never send our clients any surprise bills. 

Trademark Registration Package

Customized trademark protection planning to build a robust foundation for your business

The Brand Package is designed for you, an entrepreneur who understands the value of your intellectual property. You work smart and want to build a business right by having a solid foundation for exponential growth. You want a legal advisor who gives you proactive solutions. Our unique service will provide the strategy, education, and predictability to launch your brand and build your business.

What’s included:

  • Brand Discovery Session: IP audit to determine what intellectual property your company has, what’s protected (and what’s not protected), what can be monetized, and what is the most cost-effective way to secure them
  • Brand Protection Strategy Call
  • One Name Availability Search (Do this BEFORE you hire a logo designer – see our Free Resource for more information)
  • 30-minute Trademark Strategy Call: Finalize your trademark strategy based on the Name Availability Search results
  • One US Filed Trademark Application 
  • Direct communication with the USPTO examining attorney to resolve any administrative Office Actions 
  • Guidance on selecting and preparing for a proper proof of use 
  • Ongoing check-ins during the application process   

*excludes the USPTO trademark filing fee.

**One class

***Additional trademark searches and applications may be added to your project for an additional investment.

How do I start?

Book a call for the Brand Discovery Session or email us. We will send you an intake form for the session.

To see if you are eligible, book a 15 minute discovery call to find out.

Other Flat-Fee Brand Protection Services

  • Trademark renewal services
  • Office action response services
  • Assist with selling, buying, or renting trademark rights
  • IP audit to determine what intellectual property your company has, what’s protected (and what’s not protected), what can be monetized—send us an email!
  • Sending out warning letters to IP infringers so you don’t use your trademark rights.
  • Answering IP lawsuits or warning letters that can make you go out of business
  • Amazon IP dispute resolution

Brand Protection Package

Customized plan to stop infringers and strategies to prevent future infringement

Did you see someone using the same or similar name as your business? The Trademark Protection Package is designed for entrepreneurs who have counterfeit or copycat issues. We will help you stop others from taking advantage of your brand. Our unique service will help develop a strategy to take down infringers, and educate you on how to prevent similar issues from happening.

What’s included:

Part 1

  • Brand Protection Strategy Session (value $500): Review who is taking advantage of your brand and develop strategies to take them down.
  • Case Examination of how the infringers are affecting your brand. (value $700+)
  • Attorney drafted cease and desist letters (value $1200)

Part 2

  • Negotiation with the infringers (value $1500+)
  • Settlement agreement drafting (value $1200)
  • Monitoring whether the infringers fulfill the terms of agreement before signing ($800)
  • Guidance on what to do to protect future infringement. (value $500)

Projected Timeframe: Part 1: 2 weeks. Part 2: 4 weeks

How do I start?

Book a call for the 30-minute session or email us. We will send you an intake form. We need at least 3 days to review the form.

To see if this is the right service for you, book a 15-minute discovery call to find out.