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As a Community Outreach Coordinator for VanDerGinst Law I refer my associates to Hayoon Kane. I trust her and have every confidence that she will represent my colleagues and friends with the highest quality of service.


Hello to you all. I am an online seller, residing in Korea but operating my business in the US. I am writing this post to share my experience, which I hope would be helpful to other online sellers.
I received an email from Amazon on the morning of February 28. The email was very short and simple, notifying that my seller account on Amazon was suspended (even though it was still possible to sell my products). Amazon also recommended contacting with a big law firm headquartered in the US to resolve the situation (I was provided with the recommended law firm’s address, contact information, and email address).
At first, I didn’t understand why Amazon suspended my seller account. So, I sent a couple of emails wanting to know why they froze my account. However, as many Amazon sellers may know, they never responded to any of my emails.
While I was trying to figure out how to resolve the situation, I received another email that said my Paypal account linked to eBay, another platform that I use to sell my products, became frozen. This time, however, I got very detailed information from Paypal and its law firm. A written judgment was attached to those emails, which argued that some of my products infringed on certain brand’s trademark and that was the reason for freezing all my assets in the US. Of course, the law firm representing that brand filed lawsuits not only to me but also to around 100 other sellers. That was the moment that I realized that this problem would not be easily resolved by myself alone. I also thought that it would cost a certain amount of money and settlement.
In any case, there was no need for me to spend a long time. As long as I want to maintain my business in the US, I had to sort things out and find a way to get through this. If I give up doing my business in the US, I could stop there and do nothing, but I never wanted to do so. That was the reason why I decided to face the situation head-on.
Despite my strong will, I spent an additional few days thinking about whether I could handle this situation alone, and the answer was no. So, I searched all over the online communities for Amazon and eBay sellers and got to know that there are a lot of law firms which are specialized in copyright. Among many, the number of Chinese law firms was particularly high.
However, since I am Korean, I preferred Korean law firms to facilitate seamless communication. While I searched the Internet, I found Hayoon Kane Law Firm operated by a Korean lawyer. I read some posts on online seller communities written by the lawyer and found more detailed information on the firm’s blog as well. While reading them, I thought that I would be able to trust her in resolving my case. So, I immediately sent a couple of emails and applied for a phone consultation to ask more questions, including her experience in representing similar cases, estimated total fees, and the time it would take to solve the case. I also told her the scale of my business, my will to solve this situation and the approximate amount of settlement that I could afford. Even before I ended my phone consultation, I decided to work with Hayoon Kane Law Firm.
Of course, I initially had some doubts about the firm because I had to work with them via non-face-to-face methods considering that the firm is located in the US. However, as I saw how the firm handled my case, all my doubts disappeared. They constantly updated me on how my case was proceeding via emails, and per my confirmations, my counterpart was provided with new updated information, and I was also provided with emails sent by my counterpart as soon as Hayoon Kane Law Firm received them. At some point, I was concerned about the skyrocketing foreign exchange rates due to the rapidly worsening COVID-19 pandemic. However, I was able to reach an agreement sooner than expected with an affordable amount of settlement thanks to the hard work of Hayoon Kane Law Firm.
After constantly communicating with my lawyer and her manager, the suspension on my Paypal account was finally lifted, followed by my Amazon account. For your information, Paypal kindly sent an email to notify me that the suspension was lifted, unlike Amazon. Amazon did not respond to any relevant document. Instead, I found out one day that the suspension on my Amazon account was lifted. I’ve never got an email or notification from Amazon.
Before I conclude, I want to emphasize that any Amazon and eBay sellers could face similar situations. So, I strongly recommend thoroughly checking everything to make sure you don’t have any potential legal issues. And contrary to my case, there is a possibility that someone could infringe on your intellectual property rights, so it would be much safer and smarter to register your trademark or copyright in advance. Of course, all those things would cost a relatively small amount of money, but I believe that it would be worth thousands, ten thousand or even a hundred thousand dollars in the future.
I believe that Hayoon Kane Law Firm is a very outstanding law firm which is specialized in intellectual property rights and very capable of communicating with its clients. After all, although everything was proceeded in non-face-to-face methods, such as emails and phone calls, Hayoon Kane Law Firm always put me first and regularly updated me on relevant information, which I found very impressive. The reason why I decided to share my experience is to help other sellers in similar situations. I hope my post would be useful to you all reading this. Thank you.


I am very thankful that Hayoon Kane Law Firm guided me step by step with detailed emails.


It was very convenient to follow the process in Korean.


I was immensely satisfied that Hayoon Kane Law Firm led the process of trademark registration and updated the status of my application. I was worried when I got an office action because I did not understand what that meant and what I was supposed to do. When Hayoon explained my options, I knew I came to the right place.


Although I speak English, the whole legal process seemed overwhelming, so I really appreciated the guidance Hayoon gave me.

J. Lee

Thank you so much for getting my account reinstated.


We loved the status update and feedback.

I&O International

I knew nothing about the trademark registration process, but Hayoon Kane Law Firm explained what I need and what is going to happen. The process was smooth and I had no problem navigating the application process.


I was satisfied overall.

Wonjoo Song

It was easy to understand and follow. Thank you.

K Kim

Hayoon is very professional.

Sumi Kim

She’s very detail-oriented.


I liked that they ran an availability search. That saved me money.


I love the email notification service!!

Miyeon Jeong

I like the feedback and detailed explanation of the status. Thank you.

Junghyun K.

“Trademark Filing” Package

"Trademark Filing" Package


Brand Discovery Session

See what IP your business has, what's protected (and what's not protected), what can be monetized, and what is the most cost-effective way to secure them. Then create an initial brand protection strategy with your attorney.


Brand Protection Strategy Session

Review the results of your trademark search so you understand the risks your trademark has. Your attorney will help you fine-tune your brand protection strategy.


Trademark Application Filing

We submit your USPTO trademark application to begin the registration process.


Monitoring your application process

We monitor your trademark application and resolve administrative issues with the USPTO examiner.

Brand Protection Package

Brand Protection Package


Protection Strategy Session

Review who is taking advantage of your brand and make strategies to take them down with your attorney. Your attorney will advise you on ways you can do to protect your hard work and creation, your brand.


Send out warning letters

We will send out letters to the infringers explaining your rights and demanding them to stop using your IP rights.


Negotiate with the infringers

We will negotiate terms with the infringers based on the plan we made in the Protection Strategy Session in Part 1.


Secure your brand value

We will make sure the infringers fulfill the terms of the agreement and have them sign a settlement agreement.