When Should You Register Your Trademark?

No matter the size of your business, your Intellectual Property is one of the most precious assets you possess. It is what distinguishes your company from all the others on the market. Your Intellectual Property makes you unique, so you need to make sure that you protect it – but how, and when?

Most businesses should utilize trademarks to protect their Intellectual Property. A trademark is a word, phrase, slogan, symbol, design, or some combination of the above that distinguishes the source of goods and services from one owner to another. That means that your company’s tagline, product names, or logo could all be trademarked. Once something is trademarked, it means that you own the sole rights to use it and profit from it.

Unlike copyrights, which protect artistic work, there is no set time that is necessary to procure a trademark. There is no law that something must be trademarked before you can sell it, nor is there anything stopping you from trademarking a product you’ve already been selling for sixty years. The only main reason your trademark application would be rejected is if it is already an active trademark registered to someone else. So when in your business’s life should you register your trademarks?

For a business selling products, you should trademark your product name as soon as possible – but especially before you start to sell it online. In the virtual world, it is so easy for another company to copy your product if you do not have it protected. If you are only selling your product in person, it is more difficult for someone in your local market to create a rip-off, but you still want to have the proper protections in place.

For a business offering a service, we recommend registering your trademark soon after you start making a profit. When you start making money from your company, put away five percent of your gross profit every month. As soon as you have three to five thousand dollars in savings, contact a lawyer and see how they can help protect your business. At Hayoon Kane Law Firm, we know that getting your trademark registered leads to a boost in interest and in sales.

While there is no time limit to registering your trademarks, you take a risk by waiting too long. We recently worked with a client who decided to trademark their product after five years of selling it. After they applied, their trademark was rejected because someone else had already trademarked their name. Intellectual Property is so important to businesses that it can also be highly competitive.

The national registration rate for applied trademarks is less than 40%, but at Hayoon Kane Law Firm, our rate is 99%. Contact Hayoon Kane Law Firm today to start trademarking your Intellectual Property and protecting your business! Add trademarks and you can multiply your sales – with confidence!

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